Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Smashed & flattened....

Went for my very first mammogram today, if you've ever had one, (which I hope you have if your 40 or over or if you have a family history, get one starting at age 33) what a very uncomfortable test, man oh man! But its SO worth it!!! It could save your life and I am so glad I finally got one done and for this time it is clear.

They read the film (x-rays) a little bit after the test, doctor said all looked good! I will go back to pick up written report and pictures of the film, but it seems everything is ok for now, thank God.

I asked the doctor twice, if she was sure, she said yes, there is nothing at all, don't I feel so much better after getting that done today.

I don't remember if blogged or not about my Mother before...she is a breast cancer survivor, thank God. She has had no reoccurance at all... its been like 13 years or so since she was diagnosed.....what an amazing woman she is! Maybe one of these days youl'll be lucky enough to hear all about her. But for now, I will say, I am so lucky to have a Mother like her, she is indeed the greatest friend in the whole world to me!!!! I love you so much Mom!

So my friends, hope you're week is going well. Those of you doing IVF cycles, you are in my thoughts and prayers always, really and truly you are...I may have some news for you soon on round two for us.....

All is well here in HUMID Cairo, its been so humid these last few days, almost unbearable really. But you know I have noticed my skin is not dry at all, its all the moisture in the air for sure. I never knew one could sweat so much.... oh well, a few more months to bear and it will cool off.

Okay take care and talk to you all soon!!!!!


  1. I'm glad you're in the clear, thank God. Good job taking care of yourself!

  2. Alhamdulillah all is well with the mammogram. Here in the states it can take months to get in for one.

    Sorry I haven't sent any podcasts lately; this is the first week of school and I'm busy busy busy with projects.

    Lots of love from AZ



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