Saturday, July 1, 2006

Been tagged?

Thanks Fertile Soul for taggin' me. Now here's a little info not sure you need to know or not....LOL....

Seven Things I'd Like to Do Before I Die:

1. Have a successful IVF cycle.
2. Be a chef in MY OWN restaurant.
3. Accumulate A TON of good deeds. I am trying hard at this daily, wish me luck.
4. Be ready to meet God.
5. Learn more languages.
6. Travel to Spain, Turkey, Seattle and the French Riviera.
7. Send my mother to Tahiti.

Seven Things I Can't Do:

1. I can’t do math.
2. I can’t get pregnant. (smile)
3. I can’t bake. (but boy can I cook- woo hoo)
4. I can’t drink plain milk.
5. I can’t drive a stick shift.
6. I can’t wake up with a smile (I’m tryin, really I am)
7. I can’t give up on IVF.

Seven Things That Attracted Me to My Partner:

1. That he is a true Believer in the One, True God.
2. His extreme respect for all.
3. That he was originally from a country far, far away... which we now live in, who woulda’ thought!
4. His sexy accent.
5. His amazing patience with me. (This was apparent immediately believe me.)
6. His caring, soothing smile.
7. His ability to connect with everyone, everyone that meets him LOVES him!

Seven Books That I Love :

1. The Quran
2. I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings
3. The Complete Middle East Cookbook
4. The Hadj
5. Life, Death and the Life After
6. Stories of the Prophets
7. A History of God: The 4,000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity and Islam

Seven Movies I COULD Watch Over and Over:

1. Airplane (remember, I’m a L-O-S-E-R)
2. The Usual Suspects
3. All “Scary Movies”, the spin offs of horror movies that is
4. Casino
5. Breakfast at Tiffany’s
6. Kingdom of Heaven ( because of Orlando Bloom of course. I'm not a *real* fan, but liked him so much in THIS movie)
7. The Godfather Trilogy

Seven People I Want to Tag:

Sorry I won't be taggin' anyone. The ones I would, have probably already been tagged. ( I’m still a fairly new blogger).

1 comment:

  1. Wishing4One, we have so much in common and so much not in common! I have never seen the Godfather series, can you ba'lieve it! And baking is really easy, once you get the recipes, it's just like cooking!

    I cant get pregnant either, but i can do math (i majored in it ;)

    And i can wake up with a smile, I LOVE the morning :) (dont hate me, just remember me every morning and think of my shiney dimples. You dont want me to out do you in the good deeds category, now do you?)

    See you at the finish line, and may we all be winners.

    ps, my mouth is watering in anticipation of some rolled cabbage ... mmmm, rolled ... cabbage.


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