Sunday, July 30, 2006

12 days...

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy all! Yes I know its been a whole 12 days since I've been here, but I am happy to report all is well, thank God.

The job offers are rolling in finally! I have two interviews tomorrow and another on on Tuesday. I am very excited to go on my first set of interviews in another country, never done that before. We'll see how it goes, I'll be sure to give more details later.

All else is great. Warm summer weather, great humidity, clean Cairo air....what could be better?

IVF 2 ... we MAY try again in August we'll see. But I am planning to have my first mammogram sometime soon, and want to be sure all is okay in that department, God Willing it will be. (quick catch up- my Mom is a breat cancer survivor, yeah! Even though I am not 40 yet, I have to get checked because of her history...) So pray that all will be well for me.

Anyway just a quick update, I will try to be regular again here in blog land, talk to you soon! xoxoxo


  1. Welcome back! Hope all goes well with the mamogram and that you get to start ivf 2 soon and that you get your dream job.

  2. I hope the interviews went well :) Take care !


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